University of the ArcticCIRCUMPOLAR STUDIES ONLINE gives you the opportunity to learn about the lands, peoples, and issues of the Circumpolar North and prepares you for advanced study or professional employment in fields as diverse as sustainable resource management, self-government, Arctic engineering, and northern tourism. Special emphasis is given to matters concerning Indigenous people of the Circumpolar North. The Circumpolar Studies core curriculum has been developed as a collaborative effort of UArctic member institutions, involving leading experts on circumpolar issues. These courses comprise a single lower-level introductory course and six upper-level courses in three interdisciplinary fields of study. Together, the core enables students to gain a broad knowledge and understanding of the lands, peoples, and critical issues of the Circumpolar North.

This course introduces students to the landscape, peoples and issues of the region. It examines the geography, biological and physical systems of the Subarctic and Arctic, then turns to the aboriginal and contemporary peoples of the region. It also surveys some of the particular issues facing the region including: climate change, economics, and political climate in the international sphere.

CS 331 Contemporary Issues of the Circumpolar North introduces students to the important economic structures and globalization forces affecting the sustainability of circumpolar communities.   This course will provide students with a broad overview of the economic concepts (no background economics required!) affecting renewable and non-renewable resources, policy and social infrastructure in the north. Concepts in this course will ‘set the stage’ for CS 332 examining the social, political, environmental and cultural issues of the circumpolar north with the intent of increasing student awareness to the complexities of our increasingly ‘global’ world. 

                          Mike Roy, Idle No More Protest, 2013

NRTH 332/CS332 Contemporary Issues of the Circumpolar North 2 will introduce students to the main challenges confronting the peoples and the communities of the circumpolar north. In doing so, it will allow students to gain a better understanding of the current issues facing northern populations and their communities. Indigenous policy, gender and Northern security are a few of the many ‘lenses’ we will use to examine contemporary issues in the North. The course is divided into ten separate, yet related modules.  Each module has a written lecture and a series of readings. Students will be expected to respond to questions on the weekly readings, as posed by the instructor in the on-line forum.